Storytelling is fascinating, in both fiction and nonfiction. If you think about it, storytelling is all around you, everywhere in your daily life. Every day we encounter big business deals, the movies, books, speeches, speaking to someone at work, speaking over the fence to your neighbour or simply chatting with your family and friends. Whatever you are speaking about, or negotiating, it is a story about something or someone, or some event that happened or is going to happen.

The story being told in whatever medium brings about emotions in people, depending on the content.  It can make people happy, sad, angry, depressed or extremely motivated to pursue their dreams, depending on how they interpret the story or information. If the story is unpleasant, and relates to them personally, some people are able to use this to propel themselves in a positive life direction by learning from the experience. Other people find it hard to be self -motivated and remain stuck in a dilemma, replaying their life’s story and telling anyone who will listen what a terrible life they have.

You are not a robot! We all experience good and bad times in life, and we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control how we act on what happens to us. Having worked for many years listening to people’s stories, I am suggesting that if the chapters in your life have been negative, you do not have to remain there. By reacting differently to negative situations and making the next chapters in your life more positive (by using negative experiences to your advantage), your life story can be completely different.  You cannot change what has happened in the past, but you certainly can change what is happening right now, and in your future.  Decide today that your life’s story is going to be productive, satisfying and fulfilling.

It is your choice, to live a happy or sad life irrespective of your circumstances- since we only live once, you might as well live it to your full potential.

Here is the question. What are you looking for in life? Do you have a purpose, if so, what is it?

My purpose in life is to teach people to be self-motivated, empowered and get themselves into action- I do this by storytelling. We have 70 to 90 years on earth, not much time really- so minimize your difficulties as much as you can and just have a great time is what I say. Make your life count!

To be honest, I cannot make your life great, only you can do that. That is, if you have a great attitude and learn to respond to difficulties in a positive way. What I can do, is show you how to achieve that, the action of changing your life’s story is up to you.

Imagine this, the more you are self-motivated, the more empowered you become. The more empowered you become, the more self-motivated you are. What a fantastic circle to be in! So don’t forget to add the action to this formula and whacko, you are off to a fantastic life! Good riddens to procrastination!  Are you up to it? If so, then take a look around at this site, and other sites I have. Delece Ford