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Recharge! Look Within!

Laughing loudly, a friend and I walked out of a lift. The two people who walked in made a sarcastic remark about our inappropriate behavior which made us laugh even more.

Is there an unwritten rule that people cannot laugh in lifts? Does walking in a lift mean; it is time to get serious, to look at the ground and definitely not to speak with anyone or laugh?

This incident appeared to reflect life in many ways; people often inflict their rules or ideas onto us and expect us to follow suit. Naturally, we need rules in society otherwise; it would be chaotic and difficult to function as humans in our environment. However, the rules and ideas I am speaking about are those that people use to immobilize us because they think their ideas are better than ours and expect us to follow them.

Some people have dominating personalities and want to control our lives instead of allowing us to be free to pursue our own ideas, fulfilling, and mastering our own destiny. We are not a bunch of robots, we all have a brain, and purpose in life. You are on earth to fulfil your own destiny, not someone else’s. So, how are you going to achieve that?

Stop for a minute!

  1. Before you answer that question, here is something else I want you to think about. Can you imagine yourself reviewing your life on your death bed and God is asking you, did you achieve the task I sent you to do on earth? Will you answer yes I did, and this is how I did it. Or, will you answer no, I had to do as I was told, or no, the task was to hard?
  2. Ok, for those of you who do not believe in god, let me ask you this question.  You are on your death bed, was your trip to earth worth it? Did you do what you wanted to in life, or did you let someone else control your life, and you became subservient to their ideas, or controlled by circumstances?

Either way, whether you believe in God or not, when you are dying the question is; did you fulfill your dreams or that of someone else’s?

The choice and responsibility of what you do in life is entirely up to you. You might not be responsible for everything that has happened to you, but it is up to you to get out of the situation and move on to live a productive life in the future, a life that makes your life have meaning.

Imagine charging a little motorized toy car while the kids are looking on with anticipation, just wanting to take over and do it for themselves. Then off speeds the car, going forward, backwards, spinning around, crashing into things, missing things, depending on who is at the controls. You have to wonder sometimes who is having the most fun, the kids, or the adults. Finally, the kids get their own toy and do it for themselves, having heaps of fun until the battery runs down and needs to be re- charged.

The car is much like us really. We can be charged up with enthusiasm, motivation, believing in our abilities, and ourselves then bang, we crash into something and become negative, upset and give up, or find it hard to dodge those family members, friends, or people who dominate us and take control, expecting that we will perform according to their ideologies and way of thinking.

What is your reaction to this? Do you give up the reigns of your life and allow someone else to take over? Or, are you assertive and diplomatically put people in their place? Or, do you perhaps feel like the little child who wants to drive and control his own toy but the grown up is doing it for him, still telling him how to do it after he already knows how, and needs to try it for himself learning by his own experiences.

The car needs to be re-charged on a regular basis for it to work, just as we need to be re-charged to be ourselves, to make us work effectively pursuing our own ideas. Being fulfilled in life means achieving our own dreams, not someone else’s. It is about being in control of what we do. It is about being responsible for ourselves and not being deterred about what other people’s expectations are of us, even in small things like the people in the lift, who did not like my friend and I laughing.

If you are not pursuing your own ideas and would like to, than look within for your own answers, build yourself up by recharging yourself into a positive frame of mind. You have your own answers, it is just a matter of building up your confidence and trusting in your abilities. It is your life, your destiny, so take control of your destiny and feel free to be yourself.