You can do it! Part 3 of 3

July 27th, 2014


In part 2 of 3 of ‘You can do it!’ I spoke about how some people tell you, that you cannot achieve your dreams for a variety of reasons. I also mentioned that you know yourself better than anyone else, so if you are going to listen to anyone, then make sure it is someone who is an expert in their field. I also gave you four steps to follow to motivate you to pursue your dreams.

I now want you to think about ‘focus’ and ‘making every minute count,’ why? Because that helps you to achieve your dream, to just do it despite what anyone tells you. Here is my example:-

When I worked in one particular area of the Public Service I had to attend boring meetings which often lasted three hours. The boss and others spoke about the same issues over and over again, and never came up with a solution. So frustrating! The answer was so easy, but the leader and the organisation was such a [!], that nothing ever got resolved. It was a waste of time and public money.

I am not putting public servants down, in other departments of the Public Service I worked my butt off, as did the other workers. It was just this particular area. Anyway, the team meeting lingered on and on, and I spent the entire time writing as the discussions continued. The boss, then stopped speaking and asked me to repeat what I had written down in the minutes. I told her that I was not taking the minutes, that according to the roster, she was the minute taker.

The boss yelled at me, what the hell are you writing then if not the minutes? To which I proceeded to tell her all that was said in the meeting, [given I had heard it all before and knew it off by heart]. This made her even angrier as she looked at the roaster and realised it was indeed her who was meant to take minutes. You must have something written down she said, I have nothing documented for the auditor!

So, what are the points I am telling you here in ‘you can do it part 3 of 3’?

  1. There are times in life when you are just surrounded by idiots. Yes I was supposed to be concentrating on the job, and in other areas of work I did, but this meeting time was wasted due to poor management, and issues never being resolved. I was very productive in using my time in those meetings that often went on for 3 hours. What was I writing? My manuscripts for my books, and yes, I could still tell the boss what was happening in the useless meetings. I am not advocating for anyone to do this, it could get you in trouble at work. I am suggesting however, not to waste time in pursuing your dreams. Got a spare minute? Use it wisely!
  2. Focus on what you want to achieve by doing it on a regular basis, persistence is a key ingredient! Don’t worry about being perfect, be persistent! Get active and get it done!
  3. Disregard other people’s opinions is worth repeating to you because you can do it! Why is it worth repeating? I have been rubbished on occasions because of how I write. Does that mean I should stop writing? I am not going to listen to others, and neither should you. English is not my mother tongue, how I write is terrible. However, what I write is important to me. I empower others, I motivate others and that is what I do best!

What do you do best? What is it that you want to achieve in life? Forget about people who say you cannot achieve your dreams. Seek out expert advice, go on, you know you can do it!



You can do it! Part 2 of 3

July 17th, 2014


In part 1 of 3, ‘You can do it!’ I suggested you ignore people’s opinions who do not believe you can achieve your goals and dreams.

I mean, who knows you best of all, isn’t it you? It is your choice, not anyone else’s what you do with your life.

There are always people who will tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams for a variety of reasons.

  • They might think that your success will destroy or change the relationship they have with you.
  • They might just be self-opinionated or ignorant to the fact that goals and dreams can and do turn into reality.
  • They might be jealous of your success.

For whatever reason people try to discourage you from achieving your goals and dreams, their opinions are irrelevant to you.

Your dreams are no one else’s business, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. All you need to think about is what is best for you, and your future.

Make your own decisions in life, and do not be influenced by anyone else. It is your life, take responsibility for it and bask in your success!

Who is telling you that you cannot achieve your dreams anyway? Family? Friends? Workmates? Insignificant others? What qualifications do they have on the subject or goals you are working towards achieving? If none, then how is their opinion relevant?

So, how are you going to deal with this negativity from others?

Step one: – Accept they have the right to have their opinions, but disregard their opinions and aim for your goals and dreams anyway! So what if you stuff up a couple of times? Check out the millionaires and successful people, it is well documented that they make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and move on and become very successful.

Step two:- Deal with your emotions, emotions are normal, and if you are feeling lousy because someone is giving you a hard time, then concentrate on your goal and dreams even harder, stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve.

Step three: – Google is your friend, research as much information on your subject as possible, find people who are experts in your field of interest, and have them as your mentors.

Step four: – Take action! Implement your ideas! Hey, there is no stopping you! Be persistent!

It is your life! Live it to the max!




You Can Do it! Part 1 of 3

June 16th, 2014


Never mind what other people tell you, what you cannot do.

Tell yourself what you can do, and disregard their opinions.

Here are 3 tips for you to consider, what you can do.

  1. Just because you have not done it before, or ‘stuffed it up’ before, does not mean you can’t do it now.
  2. Look within for your own answers.
  3. Re-invent yourself.

In part 2 or 3, I will tell you how you can do it.



It’s the Journey, not just the Destination part 3 of 3

June 9th, 2014


In part 2 of 3 of this blog series, I stated that every part of life is important, and every part needs to be as productive, satisfying and happy as we can possibly make it. Unfortunately; some journeys [part of life] like jobs, friendships, partners or situations we find ourselves in  are completely unproductive, stressful and dysfunction, and this can invoke emotions  such as hopelessness, sadness, hate, or if completely overbearing send us into major depression.

Unfortunately, by the time people who are  ‘stayers’, people who do absolutely everything to make a situation work, or a  relationship work before they ‘give up’, or should I say ‘wear out’, or ‘are sucked dry’.  Lose their enthusiasm, energy and drive, and to even think of a plan is difficult. So let me turn this around for you. You cannot afford not to plan.

Point 1. Planning makes your transition from a lousy place to a better place much easier.

Of course we are all clever on reflection aren’t we?  I can hear the ‘if only’, right now.

  1. If only, I had walked away from my false friend before, I would not be so emotionally drained, she just took and took from me, now I have nothing left.
  2. If only, I had left that violent marriage before, I would not have wasted so many years of my life.
  3. If only I had left that pathetic job sooner, I would have been happier and more fulfilled much sooner.
  4. If only I had left my partner sooner, she would not have gambled all my hard earned money at the casino.

It is time to forget the ‘if only’s’, and time to concentrate on the now. Make the most of where you are right now, move forward, right now, and be happy right now, the past is gone and done with.

When I left my pathetic job, I walked outside the building, took my shoes off, shook the dust off them and said, good riddens to a pathetic dysfunctional job. I release you from my mind, emotions, thinking and leave you far behind.

I must have looked like an idiot waving a pair of shoes in the air and banging them together [I got the idea from the Bible] standing there on the footpath saying my good ridden speech. I turned my back, walked off, and never looked back at the building, and I have never looked back emotionally. It was over, the limited ‘If only’s of  I should have left that job sooner,  was limited because when I left, I left everything behind, my mind and emotions were ready for a new life. It was a great plan.

So what do we have so far in this blog?

  1. We understand that the plan makes the transition better
  2. We need to say a good bye, in our own way so that issues do not linger in our emotions and thinking after we leave. Yes, you will still think of some bad times, but with a good plan, transition and getting it out of your system as you leave will decrease this situation.


Point 2. Let’s all learn from hindsight.

For those of us who try to fix all relationships and situations, the ‘stayers’, the people who do not give up easily. You need to constantly check your boundaries; how many hangers on in all areas of relationships, friends, partners, colleagues, do you have around you?  Is your workplace pushing you beyond your expected role and just using you?

For those of you who follow me on a regular basis will remember the blog series on goals, that making them on a regular basis is more attainable than New Year resolutions as you make them on a regular basis, and it is more achievable in smaller pieces throughout the year.

Point 3. Checking your boundaries on a regular basis is also a good idea, it will prevent you from trying to fix things when you should have walked away long ago. So how do you check your boundaries?  Ask yourself questions such as;

  1. Am I doing all the giving again?
  2. Does this feel right to me? I mean in my body? I am just getting vibes this is not right.
  3. Am I getting used or abused here?

You can feel the situation is not right, you know what I am speaking about here. If you are a giver, a fixer, a stayer, you need to learn to say no at the right times. There are times when others need to stand on their own two feet and work their own struggles out and grow for themselves without you holding them up.

It is fine to go the extra mile for others, but when we do it with everyone, and start to go 1,000 miles over and over again, we wear out, we burn out in whatever the situation we are in, and the leaving becomes difficult to do. So learn from hindsight, and next time, keep on guard and check your boundaries on a regular basis.

Be nice, be kind, be helpful and assist others. But remember, the journey is yours too, you are not on earth to be used and abused. You are here to have a good time, serve your purpose, and for that- you need rest, vitality, enthusiasm and energy to fulfill your mission.

Bye for now, till my next blog series.


Make your life count!




It’s the Journey, not just the Destination part 2 of 3

May 25th, 2014

In part 1 of 3 of this blog, I stated that I once had a job that I despised so much,  that I was so embarrassed working in such a dysfunctional, pathetic organization  that I never told anyone of my place of employment, except, for those close to me. To anyone else, I simply stated that I worked for the government.

Stupidity is the reason I stayed there, I was under the false impression that I could make a difference there, plus the money was great.

The journey is as important as the destination in life. Every part of life is important, and every part needs to be as productive, satisfying and happy as we can possible make it. Unfortunately; some journeys [part of life] like jobs, friendships, partners or situations we find ourselves in  are completely unproductive, stressful and dysfunction, and this can invoke emotions  such as hopelessness, sadness, hate, or if completely overbearing send us into major depression.

Using an ex-job of mine as an example, there are two points I would like to make-

  1. There are times when certain parts of our journey [lives] need to be dumped, and replaced for something much better. [I did not learn anything in that particular place of employment that I did not know before, through my profession, my personal life or personal experiences.] When you stop learning, you start to stagnate.
  2. If you are not happy in your relationships or circumstances you find yourself in because you are not being treated well, then again, you stagnate, you go backwards in life, you lose skills and life simply passes you by! Just like it did to me remaining in a pathetic useless job.

So whether you find yourself in situations such as; domestic violence, or find that your friendships are not what you thought they were, or, places you attend are not what you had anticipated, and you are not happy, or are being treated badly emotionally, physically then get out. Don’t waste your time there thinking you can make a difference in that relationship or situation.

I am not speaking about small spats you might have with friends or you partner, nor issues that can be negotiated in the workplace, I am speaking about situations that are hopeless, that drain you to such an extent that you feel weighed down and it all feels just hopeless. These situations need to be replaced with something more satisfying and fulfilling to you.

Replacing bad situations is not easy to achieve, I am not saying just drop everything, and leave, that is as stupid as staying in the situation you are in. What I am suggesting is to;

  1. Plan, plan and plan again.
  2. Don’t leave that job until you have something better lined up.
  3. If you are in a domestic violence situation, make sure your plans of having a safe place to go, and support systems are all set in place before you make your move, homelessness is not an option.
  4. Friendships? These are so important for us all in life, but if your friendships involves someone emotionally sucking you dry, it is time to move on.
  5. Whatever no longer serves you, plan what you are going to do about it, get your supports up and running, make your move and replace it with something much better and healthier.

I actually wanted to leave that job much sooner than I did, but I had a plan, and when I was ready, I left. Amazing! In the following job I realized just how many skills I had lost being employed in that pathetic organization, how much I had slid backwards bit by bit and stagnated. It did not take long to feel happy and proud to be employed in a job I could tell everyone about.

You too, can do the same. Find yourself a better job, better relationship or whatever is annoying you. If it does not suit you, plan you escape well, get great support and leave. Oh I hear you say, your situation is a lot worse than mine, perhaps you are in a domestic violence situation etc. Well, I was a social worker for 24 years, in the past I have assisted many women leave those sort of situations and assisted other people with other situations with positive results.

We all have a part of our journey in life that is bad, some worse than others. The idea is to minimize those bad times  as much as we can, to plan well so it does not happen again, get out of that situation with support from appropriate people and move on to a more productive life. We only have on life, let’s live it to the max, and give it all we’ve got!

Plan your move, get support, get someone to empower you through that part of your journey that is lousy, and achieve a productive, happy, fulfilling life.

It is hard, but so is staying in the situation you might be in

Give it a go! You can do it!






It’s the Journey not just the Destination part 1 of 3

May 13th, 2014

I recently went on a holiday up north and travelled on the Sun lander, taking 22 hours to get to my destination. Now, if you are not obsessed with old trains you would question why on earth someone would take the option of travelling this way when the plane is cheaper and quicker.

It’s simple, the train ride was part of the journey. I have lost count how many airplanes I have been on, they give me no excitement what so ever. But a train, well, it is what happens on the train, the people you speak with in the dining room car, in the lounge, and also about the different conversations that take place. The destination was good too, had a great time, met fascinating people, and laughed almost continually.

The trip did remind me of life, many of us have a destination in mind, to do something to then achieve something else out of it, for example, study something to get a good job. But what happens if part of the journey ends up being pathetic? Horrible? Then what?

On the train I had a good time and mingled with others, but if I was not enjoying my time then it would be simply a matter of going back to my sleeper and read a book. However, life is different isn’t it? If you are somewhere you don’t like, you can’t just take off, or can you?

I recall working in the most pathetic organisation once that I never told anyone where I was employed, except for those close to me, anyone else, I would just say I work for the government. This place was the worse place I worked in my entire life, in fact the first day I set foot in the building I realised I made a mistake, and I could feel the negativity that very first day.  I was also warned by others not to stay there as it would ruin my life, and yes it did just that for a while.

So why did I stay so long? Stupidity is the only answer I can come up with to be honest. The money was great, but that is never a reason to stay in a job, you have to really love what you do, and to be honest, I despised the work and the dysfunctional system.

When I was leaving the boss told me to sign and promise that I would never write what was happening in the organisation.  I burst out laughing and said, I am trying to escape from this place, why would I write about it? I want to forget it, as far as I am concerned when I walk out of here, I never existed.

That part of my journey in life was pathetic, my entire life has been about empowering people, motivating people, yet for that part of my journey in life, I lost it. I was consumed by the negativity around me to such a point that I not only could not empower others, but could not empower or motivate myself either.

Life is a journey, and each journey we take, we need to make the most of it, there are times when we need to just walk away to do something different, something that is more suited to our true selves. Don’t waste your time in useless journeys that take you nowhere. We have all done those useless trips at times, we have one life, don’t waste it, and do something you really enjoy. I certainly wished I had listened to those who had advised me to leave that horrible place of employment.


The journey does not have to be bad to get to the destination you are looking for, change the route of your journey and most likely the destination will be heaps better. It sure has been for me. Just try it!






Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 3 of 3

April 28th, 2014

Sexual Abuse, or any form of abuse is totally unacceptable. If you or someone you care about have experienced sexual abuse and have chosen for whatever reason not to discuss it with a therapist, then, take time to consider my online program on ‘Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse’ coming soon.  You do not have to remain stuck in your healing process. There is a fantastic life to be lived, and you deserve to live it! There can be a bright future ahead of you despite the abuse. Is it time for you to grasp life with both hands and live it to the max?

My program consist of 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing powerful healing from sexual abuse. So if you have chosen not to discuss your abuse, then this is a way to deal with abuse and move on to a healthier happier live.

It also has information for people who have spoken about their abuse to others but seek further assistance.

Of course as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I will always advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one, face to face, basis in counselling sessions, as these sessions are tailor made for your specific issues.

I must emphasize that children who have been abused must be taken for counselling and medical attention immediately.

You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse is an online program coming soon, think about it. It could change your life, or a life of someone you care about.


Delece Ford


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 2 of 3

April 20th, 2014

In the blog Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse, part 1 of 3, I spoke about sexual abuse regarding a ‘high profile’  that was discussed on TV by A Current Affair a couple of weeks ago.  As we all know, sexual abusers come from all walks of life; these grubs, these lowlife’s are nothing but a pathetic loser.

I want to make it quite clear, that there is no shame in being sexually abused. The shame belongs to the abuser who shockingly took you against your will. You had no control over what was happening to you at the time. But you do have control now! You can do something about your healing process: your mind, emotions, spirituality and body. So hold your head up high! Do not allow the incident/s of sexual abuse ruin your entire life! There is powerful healing to be sought. If you have for whatever reason, kept your abuse a secret and do not wish to discuss it with anyone, this program will suit you.

My on line program consist of 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. It offers powerful healing from sexual abuse, it is not an easy subject for survivors of abuse to work through, but staying stuck emotionally in abuse is not easy either. It is time to move on and heal. Yes, it is hard! But you can do it! I have seen others achieve success and live a productive powerful life, and so can you.

So Hold Your Head up High!

Of course as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I will always advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one, face to face, basis in counselling sessions, as these sessions are tailor made for your specific issues.

I must emphasize that children who have been abused must be taken for counselling and medical attention immediately.

You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse is an online program coming soon, think about it. It could change your life, or a life of someone you care about.


Delece Ford


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 1 of 3

April 12th, 2014
For those of you who watched A Current Affair in Brisbane this week would have seen the interview they did with cast members of a popular TV series, aired on another channel some 20 years ago.
It was discussed on A Current Affair with some cast members of the TV series that the main character in the show, had sexually abused one of the children on set, and that despite concerned people advising the hierarchy on the show, nothing was done about the situation because they had high rating of that TV series and wanted this to continue.
I will not go into this further, it was on TV for all to see. I would like to make a point, a very important point.  Sexual Abuse is kept a secret for many reasons;
1. The abuser is a high flyer, and so people do not want to do anything about it.
2. Perhaps the abuser has threatened the person not to tell and the person is scared of the consequences if they do tell others.
3. The survivor of abuse is too scared, or intimidated and cannot do anything about the situation.
4. The survivor thinks they will not be believed, or assisted or there might even be some religious reasons for not mentioning the abuse.
5.  Shame, and while I use the word shame, let me be quite clear, there is no shame in being abused. The shame belongs to the abuser, the lowlife, the pathetic loser. The word shame is only used by people who are not living in the 21st century.
As a Social Worker and Counsellor, I have seen many people who have been sexually abused, and yes, that also includes men. I have seen many people who have come for counselling many years after the abuse, they have carried the abuse in their mind and emotions for years for the above reasons and also other reasons.
Many people will continue to keep abuse a secret, and while I advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one basis in counselling sessions, I understand if they find this difficult. For this reason, I have made a program on line for people who have been sexually abused, where they can access 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. I must say, this is not the most effective way to work through abuse, as it is not tailor made for people’s specific needs, however, it certainly will assist people until they are ready to visit their own counsellor, and if they choose to go it alone, they will find it quite beneficial.  This program will be available in the very near future, I will keep you updated when it will be ready. I would like to make it clear, this on line program is not suitable for children, and children who have been abused need immediate attention from professional counsellor and medical assistance, and should never be kept a secret.
I would like to conclude with a poem I wrote for people who have been abused by a high flyer, this poem is in the program, and used  as an affirmation, or to get the lowlife out of their system.
I Don’t Care
You might be famous, but not to me;
You should pray for forgiveness on bended knee.
But you would not know how to repent;
Your brain is twisted and ever so bent.
Your prestige gets you off the hook;
You don’t care that my freedom was what you took.
Your rich lawyers with their fancy words;
Get you off, you lowlife turd.
But mud from the news really does stick;
And you will be tarnished you arrogant prick.
The world knows that something is wrong;
Your reputation has had the gong.
I’m in complete control of my feelings and mind;
You lowlife, you’ll never hold me in a bind.
I love life because I am free;
You’ll never have control over me.
It does not matter what has happened to me;
I hold my head up high for all to see.
I have little time to think about you;
My life is filled with all that’s great and new.
My body, mind and soul have all been set free;
And I am so glad that I am beautiful me!
You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!

Dream it; Action it; and be Realistic. Review: Part 3 of 3

March 27th, 2014

In my blog, Dream it; Action it; and be Realistic. Part 3 of 3, I stated:
• that there were two things ( that were totally out of my control) which prevented me from my weekly blogging. However, I was not going to let that prevent me from continuing with my goals. All it did was put me behind my planned timeline by a few weeks.
• that I intended to apply my own formula to my personal situation. I outlined my own circumstances as an example of how you can pursue your own goals through 2014. You can be successful and do away with useless New Year’s resolutions forever.

I was prevented from writing my blog for yet another few weeks due to a rude interruption by my dysfunctional laptop and the Dick Smith store at Mount Ommaney. Let me tell you my frustrating story.

Topic: Complaint about problematic laptop
(Product: Acer Aspire V5-531P/571P
Serial Number: V5-571PG-53338G75Mass)

I bought an Acer Aspire V5-531P/571P laptop computer on 2nd July 2013. As it began to malfunction, I sent the laptop to the repair shop at Acer on the 8th October 2013 and again on the 28th October 2013. The third time, I took it back to the place of purchase (Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney). They then sent it back to be repaired at Acer on 11th February 2014.
By this stage, I was not happy at all and was losing patience because of all the time wasted and the costs involved. Every time the laptop went in for repairs, all the new software that I had added to the laptop was deleted. Consequently, it cost me money every time to replace the software on the laptop.
I returned the computer to Dick Smith again on the 7th March, (fourth time) as I was told a courier would pick it up on the 8th March and return it to the Acer repair shop. Surprise, surprise! I went into Dick Smith on the 12th March and it had not been sent!
Because it was still under guarantee, I demanded my money back. Dick Smith refused to give me my money back, saying it had nothing to do with them and that it was an Acer issue. Dick Smith and Acer continued to deny culpability, blaming the problem on one another. Neither taking responsibility.
I phoned Acer on the 17th March 2014 and they had just received the computer from Dick Smith’s Mount Ommaney store after I had been told they would pick it up from the store on the 8th March. Acer advised that they would check it again to see what was wrong and then would tell me what senior management’s response is.

On the 25 March 2014 I rang Acer again, given that Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney said they did not know anything about the progress of the laptop, plus Acer had not been in contact with me as they said they would. While I was speaking with Acer on the phone, they decided to send me an email stating that I could be refunded with an Acer product, and all I had to do was take the email to Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney. After seven months of conversations, about the laptop, and it being in the repair shop four times under warrantee, finally, they said they would take some action and do something productive!

Now, would you want another product from them? It has cost me money reinstalling software as well as time lost. Yes, I understand they do need to wipe it back to its original state, but they do not pay for these products being lost. It has also cost me lost time on blogs and other work areas that need to be completed.
Acer did not fix my laptop after four attempts at repairing it. I have no faith in any of their products and they are not going to refund my money, just replace it with another Acer.
Okay, I almost wonder if the universe/God has allowed this to happen just so I really have to come up with the goods and follow my own advice. Surely, the universe/God is not so mean as to send trouble my way just so my readers can see if my advice works or not. Success and fulfilling one’s purpose is something a benevolent God would want, is it not? But let me take advantage of this situation to show you how I intended to make it work for me.

Review and assessment of your three monthly
goals part 3 of 3

I had a plan to have things done by a certain time, and external forces have prevented me from achieving this goal on the time I set. I am a writer and the laptop is my main work tool. Having the laptop going into repair shop two weeks at a time, four times in seven months put me behind my work considerably.

• Emotions are a great thing to review; it can make a big difference in how we perform our tasks and interact with others. For instance, does it sound like I am angry now? Does it sound like I have had enough of the repair shop and the store at Mount Ommaney?

• Emotions are normal and healthy. What we need to monitor is how long we hold on to certain emotions and how we act and perform because of those emotions.
• We need to be in control and master of our emotions, not be a slave to them. It is not going to serve me to stay angry too long about this situation, nor is it productive to negotiate when one is feeling extremely angry, negotiation requires clear thinking. Besides I have more important things to do with my life.

This is my final three monthly review on myself and the steps I took

Review one: Was I a master or a slave to my emotions? I definitely got angry, I mean the whole process drove me mad with endless discussions on getting my money back. When I went back yesterday to Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney, I am sure they expected me to negotiate for my money back as I did previously. I walked in and calmly gave my email to them from Acer and stated that even though, Acer said the laptop is dysfunctional and that it needs to be replaced with an Acer product, I do not want an Acer product, nor anything in their store as I did not want any more business with them. I was asked what I had discussed with Acer, I stated that Acer told me they had sent them the same email, which he said he never received, then promptly produced an identical email to my own. I did not speak as I had previously done to him, just stood and stared at him as he did his paperwork. I had chosen a completely different strategy to deal with him this time. I had done my homework well, I had been in contact with ACCC and Department of Fair Trading and knew exactly what I was going to say after he did his paperwork. He then said he could not give me my money back, but given I would not take any Acer product he could give me a gift voucher equal in money to use in a number of stores in the shopping complex. I asked him why couldn’t he had done this before and not wasted my time. Needless to say I agreed to take the voucher in food, and have hundreds of dollars in food now. Crazy stuff, crazy way of doing business. Why do I tell you all this? 1] To show you my frustration in trying to accomplish my goal and not giving up, 2] Because the guy at Dick Smith dared me to write my experiences with his store and Acer. I dared. 3] I do not like being ripped off, and do not want others to go through the same ordeal. Am I angry now? No, I need to get on with other things in life and leave this behind.

How about you? How has your three monthly review gone? What are your areas of success? What needs more work? If some areas have been derailed, how are you dealing with them?

Review Two: Learning from mistakes. I definitely will read all warrantees in future before I buy any product, I always do this with big products, but with the laptop I did not bother. [And what a bother it has been]

Review three: Except that I am running behind in a program I am writing due to this inconvenience, all other goals are on target.

How about you? How is your goal setting going? How did your three monthly review go? We all experience setbacks from time to time, but taking your goals on in smaller pieces, is a much easier way to accomplish them. I could have easily continued blaming these people for me not accomplishing my goals, but at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own life. So are you! Never give up on your dreams! Action them and be realistic when doing so.

Delece Ford