Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 2 of 3

April 20th, 2014

In the blog Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse, part 1 of 3, I spoke about sexual abuse regarding a ‘high profile’  that was discussed on TV by A Current Affair a couple of weeks ago.  As we all know, sexual abusers come from all walks of life; these grubs, these lowlife’s are nothing but a pathetic loser.

I want to make it quite clear, that there is no shame in being sexually abused. The shame belongs to the abuser who shockingly took you against your will. You had no control over what was happening to you at the time. But you do have control now! You can do something about your healing process: your mind, emotions, spirituality and body. So hold your head up high! Do not allow the incident/s of sexual abuse ruin your entire life! There is powerful healing to be sought. If you have for whatever reason, kept your abuse a secret and do not wish to discuss it with anyone, this program will suit you.

My on line program consist of 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. It offers powerful healing from sexual abuse, it is not an easy subject for survivors of abuse to work through, but staying stuck emotionally in abuse is not easy either. It is time to move on and heal. Yes, it is hard! But you can do it! I have seen others achieve success and live a productive powerful life, and so can you.

So Hold Your Head up High!

Of course as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I will always advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one, face to face, basis in counselling sessions, as these sessions are tailor made for your specific issues.

I must emphasize that children who have been abused must be taken for counselling and medical attention immediately.

You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse is an online program coming soon, think about it. It could change your life, or a life of someone you care about.


Delece Ford


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 1 of 3

April 12th, 2014
For those of you who watched A Current Affair in Brisbane this week would have seen the interview they did with cast members of a popular TV series, aired on another channel some 20 years ago.
It was discussed on A Current Affair with some cast members of the TV series that the main character in the show, had sexually abused one of the children on set, and that despite concerned people advising the hierarchy on the show, nothing was done about the situation because they had high rating of that TV series and wanted this to continue.
I will not go into this further, it was on TV for all to see. I would like to make a point, a very important point.  Sexual Abuse is kept a secret for many reasons;
1. The abuser is a high flyer, and so people do not want to do anything about it.
2. Perhaps the abuser has threatened the person not to tell and the person is scared of the consequences if they do tell others.
3. The survivor of abuse is too scared, or intimidated and cannot do anything about the situation.
4. The survivor thinks they will not be believed, or assisted or there might even be some religious reasons for not mentioning the abuse.
5.  Shame, and while I use the word shame, let me be quite clear, there is no shame in being abused. The shame belongs to the abuser, the lowlife, the pathetic loser. The word shame is only used by people who are not living in the 21st century.
As a Social Worker and Counsellor, I have seen many people who have been sexually abused, and yes, that also includes men. I have seen many people who have come for counselling many years after the abuse, they have carried the abuse in their mind and emotions for years for the above reasons and also other reasons.
Many people will continue to keep abuse a secret, and while I advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one basis in counselling sessions, I understand if they find this difficult. For this reason, I have made a program on line for people who have been sexually abused, where they can access 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. I must say, this is not the most effective way to work through abuse, as it is not tailor made for people’s specific needs, however, it certainly will assist people until they are ready to visit their own counsellor, and if they choose to go it alone, they will find it quite beneficial.  This program will be available in the very near future, I will keep you updated when it will be ready. I would like to make it clear, this on line program is not suitable for children, and children who have been abused need immediate attention from professional counsellor and medical assistance, and should never be kept a secret.
I would like to conclude with a poem I wrote for people who have been abused by a high flyer, this poem is in the program, and used  as an affirmation, or to get the lowlife out of their system.
I Don’t Care
You might be famous, but not to me;
You should pray for forgiveness on bended knee.
But you would not know how to repent;
Your brain is twisted and ever so bent.
Your prestige gets you off the hook;
You don’t care that my freedom was what you took.
Your rich lawyers with their fancy words;
Get you off, you lowlife turd.
But mud from the news really does stick;
And you will be tarnished you arrogant prick.
The world knows that something is wrong;
Your reputation has had the gong.
I’m in complete control of my feelings and mind;
You lowlife, you’ll never hold me in a bind.
I love life because I am free;
You’ll never have control over me.
It does not matter what has happened to me;
I hold my head up high for all to see.
I have little time to think about you;
My life is filled with all that’s great and new.
My body, mind and soul have all been set free;
And I am so glad that I am beautiful me!
You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!

Dream it; Action it; and be Realistic. Review: Part 3 of 3

March 27th, 2014

In my blog, Dream it; Action it; and be Realistic. Part 3 of 3, I stated:
• that there were two things ( that were totally out of my control) which prevented me from my weekly blogging. However, I was not going to let that prevent me from continuing with my goals. All it did was put me behind my planned timeline by a few weeks.
• that I intended to apply my own formula to my personal situation. I outlined my own circumstances as an example of how you can pursue your own goals through 2014. You can be successful and do away with useless New Year’s resolutions forever.

I was prevented from writing my blog for yet another few weeks due to a rude interruption by my dysfunctional laptop and the Dick Smith store at Mount Ommaney. Let me tell you my frustrating story.

Topic: Complaint about problematic laptop
(Product: Acer Aspire V5-531P/571P
Serial Number: V5-571PG-53338G75Mass)

I bought an Acer Aspire V5-531P/571P laptop computer on 2nd July 2013. As it began to malfunction, I sent the laptop to the repair shop at Acer on the 8th October 2013 and again on the 28th October 2013. The third time, I took it back to the place of purchase (Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney). They then sent it back to be repaired at Acer on 11th February 2014.
By this stage, I was not happy at all and was losing patience because of all the time wasted and the costs involved. Every time the laptop went in for repairs, all the new software that I had added to the laptop was deleted. Consequently, it cost me money every time to replace the software on the laptop.
I returned the computer to Dick Smith again on the 7th March, (fourth time) as I was told a courier would pick it up on the 8th March and return it to the Acer repair shop. Surprise, surprise! I went into Dick Smith on the 12th March and it had not been sent!
Because it was still under guarantee, I demanded my money back. Dick Smith refused to give me my money back, saying it had nothing to do with them and that it was an Acer issue. Dick Smith and Acer continued to deny culpability, blaming the problem on one another. Neither taking responsibility.
I phoned Acer on the 17th March 2014 and they had just received the computer from Dick Smith’s Mount Ommaney store after I had been told they would pick it up from the store on the 8th March. Acer advised that they would check it again to see what was wrong and then would tell me what senior management’s response is.

On the 25 March 2014 I rang Acer again, given that Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney said they did not know anything about the progress of the laptop, plus Acer had not been in contact with me as they said they would. While I was speaking with Acer on the phone, they decided to send me an email stating that I could be refunded with an Acer product, and all I had to do was take the email to Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney. After seven months of conversations, about the laptop, and it being in the repair shop four times under warrantee, finally, they said they would take some action and do something productive!

Now, would you want another product from them? It has cost me money reinstalling software as well as time lost. Yes, I understand they do need to wipe it back to its original state, but they do not pay for these products being lost. It has also cost me lost time on blogs and other work areas that need to be completed.
Acer did not fix my laptop after four attempts at repairing it. I have no faith in any of their products and they are not going to refund my money, just replace it with another Acer.
Okay, I almost wonder if the universe/God has allowed this to happen just so I really have to come up with the goods and follow my own advice. Surely, the universe/God is not so mean as to send trouble my way just so my readers can see if my advice works or not. Success and fulfilling one’s purpose is something a benevolent God would want, is it not? But let me take advantage of this situation to show you how I intended to make it work for me.

Review and assessment of your three monthly
goals part 3 of 3

I had a plan to have things done by a certain time, and external forces have prevented me from achieving this goal on the time I set. I am a writer and the laptop is my main work tool. Having the laptop going into repair shop two weeks at a time, four times in seven months put me behind my work considerably.

• Emotions are a great thing to review; it can make a big difference in how we perform our tasks and interact with others. For instance, does it sound like I am angry now? Does it sound like I have had enough of the repair shop and the store at Mount Ommaney?

• Emotions are normal and healthy. What we need to monitor is how long we hold on to certain emotions and how we act and perform because of those emotions.
• We need to be in control and master of our emotions, not be a slave to them. It is not going to serve me to stay angry too long about this situation, nor is it productive to negotiate when one is feeling extremely angry, negotiation requires clear thinking. Besides I have more important things to do with my life.

This is my final three monthly review on myself and the steps I took

Review one: Was I a master or a slave to my emotions? I definitely got angry, I mean the whole process drove me mad with endless discussions on getting my money back. When I went back yesterday to Dick Smith at Mount Ommaney, I am sure they expected me to negotiate for my money back as I did previously. I walked in and calmly gave my email to them from Acer and stated that even though, Acer said the laptop is dysfunctional and that it needs to be replaced with an Acer product, I do not want an Acer product, nor anything in their store as I did not want any more business with them. I was asked what I had discussed with Acer, I stated that Acer told me they had sent them the same email, which he said he never received, then promptly produced an identical email to my own. I did not speak as I had previously done to him, just stood and stared at him as he did his paperwork. I had chosen a completely different strategy to deal with him this time. I had done my homework well, I had been in contact with ACCC and Department of Fair Trading and knew exactly what I was going to say after he did his paperwork. He then said he could not give me my money back, but given I would not take any Acer product he could give me a gift voucher equal in money to use in a number of stores in the shopping complex. I asked him why couldn’t he had done this before and not wasted my time. Needless to say I agreed to take the voucher in food, and have hundreds of dollars in food now. Crazy stuff, crazy way of doing business. Why do I tell you all this? 1] To show you my frustration in trying to accomplish my goal and not giving up, 2] Because the guy at Dick Smith dared me to write my experiences with his store and Acer. I dared. 3] I do not like being ripped off, and do not want others to go through the same ordeal. Am I angry now? No, I need to get on with other things in life and leave this behind.

How about you? How has your three monthly review gone? What are your areas of success? What needs more work? If some areas have been derailed, how are you dealing with them?

Review Two: Learning from mistakes. I definitely will read all warrantees in future before I buy any product, I always do this with big products, but with the laptop I did not bother. [And what a bother it has been]

Review three: Except that I am running behind in a program I am writing due to this inconvenience, all other goals are on target.

How about you? How is your goal setting going? How did your three monthly review go? We all experience setbacks from time to time, but taking your goals on in smaller pieces, is a much easier way to accomplish them. I could have easily continued blaming these people for me not accomplishing my goals, but at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own life. So are you! Never give up on your dreams! Action them and be realistic when doing so.

Delece Ford

Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic Review Part 2 of 3

March 26th, 2014

Are you starting to think that these 3 monthly reviews to check what goals need more of your attention a bit of a pain? So is failure! Failure is a big pain!

It is a wonderful feeling though, to see the goals that you have succeeded in, and I sure hope you are praising yourself for achieving those goals.

The three monthly reviews are a great gauge to check yourself out, deal with what needs to be dealt with and move on. It sure beats New Year’s resolutions, because three monthly reviews means you are checking and improving on yourself all year round.

Review and assessment of your three monthly
goals, part 2 of 3

It is time to review and assess your new mind set

• According Einstein “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Are you doing things differently in your personal and professional life now? What changes have you noticed in your life?
• Have you actioned the 3 tips I gave you in the previous blogs ‘New Mind Set’?

1. Have you been flexible in your goal setting, known when to be persistent and when to walk away from your goals?
2. Have you learnt from your mistakes, and moved on?
3. Have you managed to tell the difference between being perfect and stupid?
Your answers are for you to learn from to improve on a regular basis, not to be used as a means to beat yourself up for not being good enough. I constantly review what I have done, sometimes I am very pleased with myself, and other times I am annoyed. The whole purpose of this is to be the best that we can and stick to what we want to achieve in life, and do this on a regular basis.

After all, we have one life, let’s make the most of it!

Be in contact soon with the final blog of this series.

Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic Review Part 1 of 3

March 23rd, 2014

It might appear that I started a blog series as ‘Dream it, Action it and be Realistic.’ However, the series actually started in the first blog called ‘Unfinished Business part 1 to 3.’ If you have been following the blogs back then, you would have seen a theme through them, which was and is about goals.

• I stated that to focus on making goals throughout the year was more effective and likely to work than making New Year Resolutions. You might have also noticed that, I started to write these blogs prior to Christmas and New Year 2013. The reason for this was because I wanted to address the importance of first actually closing 2013 with any ‘Unfinished Business’ before attending to new goals you wanted to achieve in 2014

• I spoke about how many things can remain undone, like unresolved relationships or goals etc., and it is a good idea to finalise these ‘Unfinished Business’ before moving on to new goals.

• I also mentioned that you did not have to wait to the New Year, closing any ‘Unfinished Business’ that doing so throughout the year in smaller chunks is much easier.

• As we all know some goals work, some goals do not work, that is just life.

In the Unfinished Business blogs I gave you six tips on how to solve Unfinished Business. Although I spoke about doing this at the closing of 2013 before moving on to 2014, so you could be ready to take on the new challenges in the New Year without any interruption of unresolved issues holding you back. I now would like you to take this same principle and apply it on a three monthly basis review.

Review and assessment of your three monthly
goals part 1of 3

1. Whatever you dreamt about, did you action it?
2. If you did action it, where you realistic about it?

Combine these 2 questions with the six tips I have previously given you and your answers will be part 1 of 3 of your three monthly review for you to use as a gauge to see what is working well and what needs modifying and improving.

Six Tips

• Identify what really bugs you about what happened, whether it was a relationship or situation.
• Think of a way, you would have dealt with it differently the second time around.
• If you had a second chance at doing things differently, how would you go about it?
• Define what outcome you are looking for yourself.
• Get into action and just do it [have a plan]
• Reflect, improve and move on.

Is this all a bit of a pain to do? So is failure.

You know, things just do not happen, you need to put some effort into things if you want some action to happen.

You have one life, live it to the max!

Delece Ford

Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic – Part 3 of 3

March 5th, 2014

In my last blog, ‘Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic – Part 2 of 3’, I said:
• that there were two things, which were totally out of my control that prevented me from my weekly blogging. But they were not going to prevent me from continuing with my goals; all they did was put me behind a few weeks.
• that I intended to apply my own formula to my personal situation as an example of how you can successfully pursue your goals through 2014, doing away with useless New Year’s resolutions forever.

I am now going to challenge you to really think about, and act on, one of your goals, conquering the wretched thing. I have already told you how to achieve it in part 1 of 3; plus, I have been building up to this in previous blogs. (‘New Mind Set’ and ‘Unfinished Business’)

Now I am going to walk alongside you and work towards achieving a personal goal of my own to show you it can be done. Furthermore, it will be done if you are prepared to work really hard at it, using the formula I have given you.

Now, remember the three-month blocks of working on your goals and projects, reviewing and refining them on a regular basis

January February March
Goal one + review and refine at end of month Goal one + review and refine at end of month Overall review of goal one and refine

Whatever goal you chose, keep on working on it until the end of March. It is at this stage – at the end of month 3 where you do your big review – that you will decide what your next step with that goal will be. It could be you need more time to work on it; so refine and work on it more, taking it into the next set of three months. You might only need an extra month on it. If you have to choose between meeting a deadline to achieve your goal and doing a good job on it, I prefer doing a good job every time. This is a very different process from making New Year’s resolutions that simply do not work. Most of them are way too onerous to stick to beyond a day or two.

Now, if you are getting close to your goal or will achieve it by the end of March, that is great! You’ve followed the plan and are on course to achieve several goals throughout the year, reviewing and refining them on an ongoing basis.

So, here is the challenge for you – the action part! Start to think about what goal you are going to choose in the next set of three months. If you have not already done so, perhaps you have already modified some of the goals you set earlier.
The idea is to review, refine, review and refine your goals over and over again. That way you will make small changes as you go along and allow for unexpected things that come along the way. It is just so much more manageable.

Here is how I intend to walk alongside you and show that this formula works. I intend to lose between 30 and 38 kilos within the next 12 months. That is 3 blocks of 4 with the formula I gave you. So whatever your goal is, I will walk alongside of you, working on my goal as we apply the formula together.
Remember to be realistic! You want to be sensible in what you are doing and the things to remember along the way are:

1. to be flexible, knowing when to be persistent and when to walk away from your goals or situations.
2. to learn from your mistakes and move on. Do not give up; go in a different direction if that is what is going to work for you.
3. to define the difference between perfectionism and stupidity.

Do you have a hell of a challenge ahead of you? I sure do! 30 to 38 kilos is not going to be easy to shed (especially given I am a diabetic) and with all the setbacks and things that may go wrong. What are your challenges? Acknowledge the ones you know before you start. It will help you with your planning. I am going to get a head start and do it now before the next three months start. Yes, you can do that too. Next week, I will even post a fat photo of myself so you can see the difference every three months on the big reviews.

Until next week, here’s to a more productive life, everyone! It always helps when you have a buddy to work with.

Delece Ford:


Percy The Possum Talk about an Invasion!

March 4th, 2014

Children’s day

Percy the Possum
Hi kids. It’s storytime!
Talk about an invasion! I mean seriously, there I was speaking with my sister Holly. We were just minding our own business when next thing, the adult humans are standing next to our tree talking about us. How rude! We can hear you know.
They were talking about how terrible we are, throwing mango seeds on their shed roof and how they have to clean it up. It was a bit scary when they said that they might just have to do something about us. I mean what does doing something about us mean? They keep forgetting this is our home. They invaded us, not the other way around.
“Hey humans, don’t forget your place. You are in our home,” shouted Percy.
“Shush,” said Holly. “They will hear you.”
“That’s the idea – that the humans hear what we animals have to say. We were here first and they are making our homes smaller and theirs larger as they move into our back yards.”
“I know,” said Holly, “but we need to be strategic in the way we go about it.”
“Stra … what?”
“We need to think how we are going to teach these humans to get along with us,” said Holly.
Percy burst out laughing. “They can’t even get along with each other, and you are saying that we need to teach them how to get along with us?”
“Yes, that is what we need to do. They want the whole earth for themselves but can you imagine the earth overpopulated with humans and no furry or feathered animals.”
By this time, Percy could not contain himself. He laughed and laughed. “Yes, humans have bare skin and they look very funny without fur or feathers like the rest of us animals. I must say, they are a very strange lot.” Percy could not resist and threw a chewed mango seed down at the humans below. They quickly walked away. “I fixed them,” said Percy.
“No you did not,” said Holly, “and they are already talking about doing something about us. Remember?”
“Oh,” said Percy. “I wasn’t thinking.”
“See, now you are acting like a human. It is time to be strategic.”
“Strategic, Percy. Get your tongue around the word. In fact, go and read up for yourself about what it means. When you understand that, we will get back together next week and discuss how we are going to be strategic in teaching these humans how to treat us and respect us all – possums and other animals.”
“Okay; we will discuss it next week Holly. And what about you human kids, will you join us for our discussion? If you do not know what strategic means, you’d better read up on it before next week. Until then, bye, and please remember, whatever you do today kids, make it safe and fun!”
Make sure you ask your parents before you come to this site or any other site.

http://storytelling4children2 .

Saturday Children’s Day

February 23rd, 2014

Percy the Possum
Hi kids, it’s storytime!
I love adventures, and I especially love sharing them with human children. You know, we can learn so much together. I know because I have some humans living in my back yard. I must laugh at times, as these humans are a bit misguided. They think I am living in their backyard. Really though, my possum family was here first and we have been living here for centuries.
It was peaceful until they moved into my back yard. They take up so much room. I mean, really, you only need a few trees.
I have a beautiful large mango tree in my garden. I love chewing into the fruit; it is so fat and juicy. I take a few bites then throw the rest on the roof of the shed. It makes such a loud noise, that the tall lady who lives in my backyard gets a fright and screams loudly. I can’t stop laughing! It is so funny to watch. Of course, she gets annoyed because she says they are her mangos and she can’t eat them now because I have slobbered all over them. I only take small bites but she goes on about germs.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself: Percy the possum at your service. I will be here every week from now on to continue telling you my lifetime adventures. So don’t forget to show up on Saturday because that’s kids’ day.
Bye ‘til next week, and please remember, whatever you do today kids, make it safe and fun!
Make sure you ask your parents before you come to this site or any other site.

http://storytelling4children2 .

Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic – Part 2 of 3

February 23rd, 2014

In my last blog, ‘Dream it, Action it, and be Realistic – Part 1 of 3’, I said:
• that it was week four of 2014 and time to get moving on your goals.
• it was easier to achieve goals and dreams by reducing them to smaller, more manageable units and dealing with them bit by bit.

I showed you how it could be done in three-month blocks by working on your goals and projects, reviewing and refining them on a regular basis. This would make achieving your more realistically sized goals easier than tackling (and usually failing) a couple of larger, ‘set in stone’ New Year’s resolutions.

By now, you might be wondering where I have been and why haven’t I been blogging the next part of the series. You have every right to ask these questions, as it appears I have left you with only one third of the series completed. However, as they say, the best-laid plans often go astray. The positive outcome of my troubles has been that you get to see whether I practise what I preach -‘if you stuff it up, fix it up; learn from it and move on.’

However, what if circumstances are totally out of your control? By using my circumstances as an example, let me explain why you basically do much the same thing.

The first reason for not blogging is that my laptop (still under warranty) has broken down for the third time in six months. Was I assertive when I told the company that I thought their policy (try to fix the products three times before considering refunding a customer’s money or providing a new product) was ridiculous? Definitely!

My second reason for not blogging is that soon after the computer incident, I became quite sick.

Both situations were out of my control and there was nothing I could do about it. Nevertheless, I was determined to apply my own formula to both situations and to learn from them. When I bought the laptop, it appeared to be a great product. In hindsight, it would have been much smarter if I had familiarised myself with the policies of the company’s after sales service prior to purchasing the product – not afterwards. From now on, I will be checking out all after service assistance before I buy a product.

In the case of my illness, it was out of my control. Therefore, I had to acknowledge that and let myself heal before moving on.
Had this been a New Year’s resolution, I would have said, “Oh bugger it! I give up. I won’t write anymore blogs because the laptop keeps breaking down and I just feel too sick to care at the moment anyway.”

However, in reality, things break down and people get sick. Whether this laptop is ever going to be any good or not, it is not going to stop me from achieving my goals. All this incident has done, is to delay me a few weeks in getting underway with my plans for this wonderful year 2014.

If I have to, I will buy a much better laptop next time and continue putting my dreams into action by moving on with my writing and storytelling. This is but a small bump in the road and why should I make such a big deal out of it? The easy answer is that sometimes it is ‘the small stones in the shoes of the mountain climber and not the big mountain ahead that stops them from reaching the top’. My mountain is writing and speaking in English when it is not my native language. I don’t go on about it but I find it is quite annoying when the laptop has prevented me from doing what I had planned.

What about you? What bumps in the road have you encountered so far this year? Turn them into challenges, no matter how small or big they are. Never give up; never give in. If you dream it, action it and be realistic about it, you can fix it or get it fixed, learn from the experience and move on.

There are also times in life when moving on means leaving things altogether to proceed in a completely new direction. That is simply being realistic. Whether this is a job, a situation or a particular person who might be holding you back, moving forward often involves leaving things that no longer serve us. But be brave and take the step that begins the road to inner peace and success.

Here’s to a more productive life, everyone!

Delece Ford:


Dream it, action it, and be Realistic Part 1 of 3

January 24th, 2014

Dreams need action for them to work, and you also need to be realistic in your approach to be successful in your personal and business life.

In my previous blog, ‘New Mind Set part 3 of 3,’ I gave you three tips for you to have an excellent year in 2014.

1] Flexibility- knowing when to be persistent and when to walk away from your goals or situations.
2] Mistakes are just part of learning, make them, learn from them and move on. Do not give up.
3] There is a definite difference between perfectionism and stupidity.

So here is my take on New Year’s resolutions. It is already week four of 2014 and time to get moving. It is so simple when we cut things into smaller pieces and deal with smaller bits at a time.

Instead of dealing with 12 months in a year, how about you concentrate only on 3 months at a time, for example, work on one goal from January to March and review it in March.

Work on a second goal for the next three months and so on.

Of course if the goal is a big one and you need more time than three months, make sure you continue to review it and refine it as you go along. Do a small review every month to see how it is going, what needs changing, adjusting and improving etc, and a big review every three months. Then you no longer need any more New Year’s resolutions, as it is just a matter of improving yourself on an ongoing basis. Changing, improving and learning as you go along bit by bit is much easier, isn’t it?

January and February- Action goal one + review and refine at the end of the month. March- Big review + refine goal one
April and May- Action goal two + review and refine at the end of the month. June Big review goal one, two and refine.
July and August- Action goal three + review and refine end of month September Big review goals two,three and refine.
October and November Action goal four +review and refine end of month. December Big review goals three and four, and refine.

This is a much better way to achieve your goals, don’t you think?
Be realistic, it is so easy. Stuff it up, fix it up, learn from it and move on.

Delece Ford: