Change Part 1 of 3

November 23rd, 2014

It is time for a change, what are the changes you intend to make in 2015? It is not about making new year resolutions, it is about making changes of a life time. It is about being who you really want to be, what you really want to do and just doing it irrespective of what anyone else thinks or says. part 1 of 3

Self-Motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 5 of 5 [Motivational author]

November 9th, 2014


Action time!  Whose action? Yours! This is part 5 of 5, and this means action! I have spoken about self-motivation and being empowered long enough. If you want to succeed, then you have to apply the action to your goals, to your dreams in order to have a successful life. This is about you! This is about your story, about your life and what you intend to do with it.

Never mind about your past, never mind about the people who have gotten in your way, never mind about the obstacles, get into action right now! Take charge of your own life! Every day is an opportunity to be who you really want to be. Take the challenge, and make your life count!

Write to me and let me know how you intend to achieve your goals, and if you do not want to do so on social media, send me an email- as some of you already do on

You have only one life! Make the most of it!  Delece Ford

Melbourne Cup Australia-Dynamite the Dingo-Part 3 of 3

November 4th, 2014

To the humans out there, did you enjoy your winnings, laugh and have fun? To the losers, do you feel miserable that you lost your bets on the horses? I am Dynamite the Dingo part 3 of 3. You bastards! Have you no mercy for the horses that you whip, for the horses that die during these races!  Horses that get pushed beyond their limits, beautiful horses that you humans abuse! How would you like to be made run beyond your limits while some idiot whipped you over and over?  You don’t, you will do it all over again next year, won’t you?

Dynamite the Dingo Part 2 of 3 [animal advocate]

November 2nd, 2014

Hi Humans, I would like to pick another bone with you lot.

When you come to visit our lovely home at Frazer Island, do not leave your processed food around, or  give it to us, it is rubbish. Naturally, some of our dingos in our pack, are more curious than others, and will check the food out and eat your rubbish.

We can get our own food, as we have always done. We do not need you, and do not have to rely on you. We are wild animals, get it? We want to be left alone!

You humans have bad diets, and if that is what you want to continue doing, do it. We however, do not want to be part of it, we do not want to get sick eating rubbish food. So don’t feed us, we want to stay healthy, and we want to be free on our land, and wander around as we have always done. Find yourselves another island, or better still go to the cities you stupid humans!

From Dynamite the Dingo and Delece Ford

Self-Motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 4 of 5 [Motivational author]

October 29th, 2014

Why do I harp on being self-motivated? Especially when I also advocate the importance of having a mentor in your life both personally and professionally, so that you can be proficient in your field of expertise and in personal development? Easy answer, your mentor can not be with you 24/7, your mentor is not going to achieve nor live your dreams for you. You have to activate self-motivation for yourself.

If you have major depression, then you cannot be self-motivated, and hopefully you have a great therapist who can help you through this paralyzing part of your life.

So, it is time to be self-motivated, and the more you are self-motivated, the more empowered you become. The more empowered you become, you become more self-motivated. What a fantastic circle to be in! So don’t forget to add the action to this formula and whacko, you are off to a fantastic life!

© Delece Ford October 2014


Dynamite the Dingo Part 1 of 3

October 27th, 2014

If you come to Fraser Island, don’t complain about us Dingos when we bite you. You have invaded our land!

Leave us wild dogs alone!

Australia is a big country, visit some other part of it!

It’s not us wild dogs who should be put down due to your stupidity!

Respect us native animals, if you cannot, don’t visit our homes. Bugger off!

We have the right to protect our homes and to be ourselves.

Go to the cities you stupid humans!

From Dynamite the Dingo and Delece Ford


Self-Motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 3 of 5

October 20th, 2014

[ Motivational Author]

Freedom VS Learned Helplessness

What fantastic news it was when I was able to take my arm out of my sling!

Oh the freedom!

Even better, was two weeks later when I got behind the wheel of my car, simply magical to be self-sufficient and free!

Yet, there are still very basic things I cannot do with my hand, arm and shoulder, and it is very frustrating at times.

Naturally, this situation made me think of the days I was a practicing social worker, and definitely had to proceed with a message, and the message this time is about learned helplessness and what to do about it. We all get dealt good and bad situations in life, and our emotions can take a battering at times. When things go wrong, we need to be nurtured by ourselves and others, and also to be kept safe, as healing takes place. As time goes on, we deal with the problem and our emotions, and start to become more independent.

Unfortunately for some people, when difficulties arises their lives, they become stuck, and continue to expect others to do things for them. The result is, ‘learned helplessness’. They lose confidence in themselves and their abilities, they can no longer do things like they used and are totally dependent on others emotionally.

Now thinking about my shoulder and hand again; yes it was great to take my arm out of the sling and have freedom, but that also meant taking it out of the protection it was in during part of its healing. Had I left my arm in the sling forever, healing would stop and my shoulder, and hand would become useless with lack of use.

There are different stages of healing after an operation. There is a stage where my shoulder had to be safe, supported and protected in the sling. Then I was able to remove the sling and move my shoulder, and hand to do very basic things, at times I over extend it without meaning to, and it really hurt, but that is part of the healing.

So here is the message. When life has given you a bad deal, you have solved it, or solving it, you need time to heal emotionally, to feel safe during this time it takes to heal, and to develop the skills to move on again with confidence.

Moving on again, at times means getting emotionally hurt again, but it is part of the healing process. Unfortunately, some people cannot deal with this healing process, and instead of becoming independent again, they go backwards and go straight into ‘learned helplessness’ expecting others to protect them, nurture them, thus not dealing with their emotional issues, and losing their freedom.

What about you? What areas in your life do you need to stop expecting others to carry you?  Is it time to become self-motivated, feel empowered and be action oriented despite what has happened in your life? What negative emotions have you been in long enough, that need to be replaced with positive ones so that you can live an empowered action oriented life?

Think about it!

Until next time, make your life count! Delece Ford


Motivational Author – Self-motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 2 of 5

September 28th, 2014

What are you waiting for, and how long are you prepared to wait?


As you know, I recently had an operation on my left shoulder and the opposite hand. There is not much I can do with both hands out of action, so I am concentrating on what I can do. I can walk, so I have increased my morning walks- this gives me an opportunity to become fitter and also appreciate the beautiful park longer. I can speak, so I use this time to record audios and videos for upcoming programs, time that I would have used for something else. I can now type 5 minutes at a time, so a few short blogs can be achieved.


You see, I could be really quite miserable, as I can type really fast, but the operation has slowed me down considerably. I have to wait for someone to do most things for me, a very independent me. This however, is not the worst thing that has happened in my life, but a good example to use in any situation when we feel discouraged. So, I asked myself the same questions I asked you in the beginning of this blog. What are you waiting for, and how long are you prepared to wait?  Three words came into my mind, self-motivation, empowerment and action! These three words I thrived on as a social worker for 24 years. Let us not concentrate on what we cannot do, but on what we can do, let us be self-motivated, feel empowered and get into action!


Is it frustrating having someone else do most things for me? Definitely! Do I get irritated and annoyed at times not being able to do things for myself? Definitely! I am human and experience all the human emotions both positive and negative. The important thing to remember is, it is how long we hold certain emotions for and what we do with them that is important. It is ok to feel frustrated and irritated for a while, that is quite normal, but if I remained that way I would become a pain in the butt. But replacing these emotions with being self-motivated, feeling empowered and getting into action, means moving ahead and healing faster.


What about you? What areas in your life do you need to stop waiting and waiting, and just become self-motivated, feel empowered and be action oriented? What negative emotions have you been in long enough, that need to be replaced with positive ones so that you can live an empowered action oriented life?


Until next time, make your life count! Delece Ford


Self-Motivation, Empowerment and Action [Part 1 of 5]

September 25th, 2014

Hi everyone, an operation on one shoulder and an operation on the opposite hand, has temporary stopped this writer. However, a writer never dies and  I will be back soon, with bigger and better stories. So, in the meantime, stay self motivated, empowered and action oriented. Make your life count!

Photo: Hi everyone,  what stops a writer from writing?  An operation on one shoulder and an operation on the opposite hand. A writer never dies, even though I can only type with my thumb.  I will return soon, with even  bigger and better empowering stories. Till then, stay motivated and empowered!

Rest if you must, but never quit, no matter what comes your way!

You can do it! Part 3 of 3

July 27th, 2014


In part 2 of 3 of ‘You can do it!’ I spoke about how some people tell you, that you cannot achieve your dreams for a variety of reasons. I also mentioned that you know yourself better than anyone else, so if you are going to listen to anyone, then make sure it is someone who is an expert in their field. I also gave you four steps to follow to motivate you to pursue your dreams.

I now want you to think about ‘focus’ and ‘making every minute count,’ why? Because that helps you to achieve your dream, to just do it despite what anyone tells you. Here is my example:-

When I worked in one particular area of the Public Service I had to attend boring meetings which often lasted three hours. The boss and others spoke about the same issues over and over again, and never came up with a solution. So frustrating! The answer was so easy, but the leader and the organisation was such a [!], that nothing ever got resolved. It was a waste of time and public money.

I am not putting public servants down, in other departments of the Public Service I worked my butt off, as did the other workers. It was just this particular area. Anyway, the team meeting lingered on and on, and I spent the entire time writing as the discussions continued. The boss, then stopped speaking and asked me to repeat what I had written down in the minutes. I told her that I was not taking the minutes, that according to the roster, she was the minute taker.

The boss yelled at me, what the hell are you writing then if not the minutes? To which I proceeded to tell her all that was said in the meeting, [given I had heard it all before and knew it off by heart]. This made her even angrier as she looked at the roaster and realised it was indeed her who was meant to take minutes. You must have something written down she said, I have nothing documented for the auditor!

So, what are the points I am telling you here in ‘you can do it part 3 of 3’?

  1. There are times in life when you are just surrounded by idiots. Yes I was supposed to be concentrating on the job, and in other areas of work I did, but this meeting time was wasted due to poor management, and issues never being resolved. I was very productive in using my time in those meetings that often went on for 3 hours. What was I writing? My manuscripts for my books, and yes, I could still tell the boss what was happening in the useless meetings. I am not advocating for anyone to do this, it could get you in trouble at work. I am suggesting however, not to waste time in pursuing your dreams. Got a spare minute? Use it wisely!
  2. Focus on what you want to achieve by doing it on a regular basis, persistence is a key ingredient! Don’t worry about being perfect, be persistent! Get active and get it done!
  3. Disregard other people’s opinions is worth repeating to you because you can do it! Why is it worth repeating? I have been rubbished on occasions because of how I write. Does that mean I should stop writing? I am not going to listen to others, and neither should you. English is not my mother tongue, how I write is terrible. However, what I write is important to me. I empower others, I motivate others and that is what I do best!

What do you do best? What is it that you want to achieve in life? Forget about people who say you cannot achieve your dreams. Seek out expert advice, go on, you know you can do it!